Rental Management Program
Villa B - Master Bedroom

Sample Return of Investment*

If we take a sample of a hill based luxury 4 bedroom villa we built, amounting to 23,380,000 THB and on a land costing 6,620,000 which totals to 30,000,000 THB the nightly rental prices will be:

• Low Season 26,250 THB
• High Season 33,750 THB
• Peak Season 41,250 THB

In Koh Samui, the minimum price range to rent a 2 to 5 bedrooms luxury villa per night are:

• Low Season: 26th April - 2nd July; 4th Sep - 16th Dec; (167 days) 15,000 Thb to 45,000 THB per night.

• High Season: 7th Jan - 25th April; 3rd July - 3rd Sep; (179 days) 20,000 Thb to 55,000 THB per night.

• Peak Season: 17th Dec - 6th an; (19 days) 25,000 Thb to 75,000 THB per night.

In 2013, the average rental our partners accomplished are 199/365 nights.
(86/167 nights in low season, 96/179 in high season and 17/19 nights in peak season)

During the low season, you may earn 2,257,500 THB. For the high season you may earn 3,240,000 THB and during the Peak Season 701,250 THB.

Which gives you a total of 6,198,250 THB for the year.

If you choose our property management option, we only charge 25% of your annual income for the whole property management which means that your benefits will roughly be 4,650,000 THB.

You will have your Return on Investment in only 6,5 years after the end of the construction.

Your profit will roughly be 10-15% of your investment per year.

Season Nights booked
per year
Rental price
per night
Total (THB)
Low Season (167 Days) 86 26,250 2,257,500
High Season (179 Days) 96 33,750 3,240,000
Peak Season (19 Days) 14 41,250 701,250
    Yearly Gross
Rental Benefits
* It's only a sample not an official nor bindign offer
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